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Heatmob proudly accompanies projects and startups in providing advanced IT technical solutions, helping the company and enterprise clients untangle complex issues that emerge during their digital evolution journey. Check out our service:

I. Blockchain Consulting:
Our blockchain consulting services help shape your idea into a viable product, leveraging the expertise of leaders in distributed ledger technologies with a strict and professional process:

  1. Ideation:
    With the help of experienced blockchain developers, we evaluate the viability of your blockchain project and establish the system’s business objectives and workflow.
  2. Assessment:
    We evaluate your current solution to see if it can be converted to a blockchain solution. Our team evaluates all business processes to see how blockchain might be used in your use case.
  3. Technical Component Definition:
    Based on your company’s needs and the type of blockchain, our blockchain consulting team chooses the best blockchain platform for your project.
  4. PoC:
    We develop a framework and prototype to discover the use cases for the business with the bare minimum of functionalities. The demo is used to determine whether a real solution is viable.
  5. Integration:
    Our Blockchain Consultants work with clients to determine whether their business operations and environment can benefit from the integration of blockchain technology.
  6. Development:
    When you’re prepared to begin developing blockchain applications, we assist you in creating the blockchain product, from UI/UX through the entire front-end and back-end implementation.

II. Custom Software Development:
With a team of experts and experienced programmers, we will analyze, evaluate, and build a plan and offer the best solution to deploy technology applications for individuals and organizations quickly, efficiently, and with maximum security.

  1. Custom Development:
    Heatmob is committed not only to the creation of custom software but also to the building of solutions to your business problem.
  2. Software Product Development:
    A commercial product can only be successful when it differs from typical software projects and meets users’ diverse needs. Amaze your audience by developing a custom product with the help of our domain and technology experts.
  3. UX Design And Prototyping:
    The success or failure of projects lies in their user experience. We have a team of experts in UX and Prototyping design that ensures that your project Ul is highly usable on various devices and platforms.
  4. Enterprise Application Integration:
    There are challenges associated with the seamless integration of disparate software systems. You can enhance real-time information access, facilitate system maintenance, and improve business processes through the use of our EAl services with the help of our domain and technology experts.

III. Mobile Development:
Our team of expert mobile app developers consists of highly skilled analysts, UX experts, and certified software engineers who have vast knowledge in building apps for all the major platforms such asu8 iOS, Android, or both. We develop apps natively, and through the use of cross-platform frameworks like React Native and platforms such as PhoneGap or Xamarin.

  1. IOS app development:
    Tap into our IOS development talent pool to build beautiful apps. the enterprise-grade mobile solution, or an engaging game.
  2. Android app development:
    Create sophisticated, highly usable Android apps that solve business problems, attract users and empower your brand.
  3. Cross-platform development:
    Cut your development and maintenance costs with cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on IOS, Android, and more.

IV. End-to-End Web Development:
Heatmob is a web development company with years of experience in building world-class B2B and B2C applications that focus on video delivery, RTC, e-Learning, AdTech, and data analytics.

  1. R&D and consulting:
    Our R&D team strives to understand the ins and outs of your business to help you minimize both technical and market risk across the whole of a software development company’s life cycle.
  2. Front-End development:
    We make an extra effort to understand your requirements and create a trusted, visually rich user-product relationship to enrich adoption and satisfaction. Our front team handles it from this point till the ultimate user journey in code is nailed.
  3. Back-end development:
    Give Heatmob’s architects and senior engineers the privilege of designing and building the core of your application. They pay special attention to availability, robustness, and the new awesome feature.

V. Game Development:
Heatmob is committed to offering comprehensive solutions that help you design, develop, and market your game. We take pride in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for optimal game design and development.

  1. Mobile Game Development:
    One of the known largest sources of revenue in the video game sector is mobile gaming. Mobile games are easily accessible to a broad audience owing to the large number of mobile devices present in the market today. Inotech Vietnam is a mobile game development company that takes pride in creating intriguing native, cross-platform & hybrid mobile apps and mobile games.
  2. Front-End Development:
    Despite all the development in 3D gaming and over-realistic graphics, 2D games continue to be highly popular with casual as well as serious gamers everywhere. With sophisticated storytelling, eye-catching graphics, and exciting gameplay, 2D games can be very engaging. Also, 2D games can easily be optimized for a wide range of mobile devices.
  3. Back-End Development:
    There are various devices from which gamers can choose, starting from popular smartphones to high-end consoles. Creating games that work across all major devices in use is crucial to ensuring that your game reaches the widest possible audience. Inotech Vietnam offers cross-platform game development services for both online and offline games across PCs, smartphones, desktops, consoles, tablets, and other devices.

VI. GIS solution & Service:
As a leading GIS company, Heatmob provides geospatial and IT services to customers globally. We partner and collaborate with various GIS companies to create innovative solutions to complex geospatial requirements.

  1. Engineering Design Drafting:
    Heatmob provides a variety of CAD services for various industry verticals. The CAD services provided are used for navigation, data conversion, and engineering: Space management, architectural, and facility drawings.
  2. GIS Experts:
    Heatmob, as a GIS and CAD company, also offers technology services for GIS software and application development domains with the capability to integrate spatial and non-spatial data on the web-based platform for data entry and management.

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