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📍Head Office: 324 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam.
📍Second Office: #B3A 03 Office Area, MILLENNIUM Masteri Apartment, 132 Ben Van Don, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

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📞 Phone: 0905-568-636
✉️ Email: Contact@heatmob.net

Please check out the link for our company profile: https://docsend.com/view/9jt2j53vchsijdiu

For the majority of the projects, we use Agile methodology. There will be sprint reviews and meetings to ensure transparency. In addition, we pair code to increase efficiency and decrease mistakes.

Dragon Wars:
+ The largest project which is a blockchain Game on Solana and BSC, focuses on investment with a team size ranging from 20 – 50 people, within 18 months, currently continuing to develop.
+ A large user community around the world on many channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Medium, and Youtube.

+ The second largest outsourcing project for BIN Group which has a team size ranging from 7 to 12 people, working within 12 months.
+ Modern platform that focuses entirely on user experience, bringing optimization, convenience, and ease of use.
+ Traveler fully integrates and diversifies services in just one platform: booking global travel services, providing all-inclusive services from air tickets, and tours to accommodation for customers around the world.

You can respond to our questions and give us relevant documentation about your product (requirements, timeline, mockups,…).

There are 2 type of Contracts:
+ Fixed price: Fixed budget, timeline, and scope of work for delivering a project with a known scope.
+ Time and materials (T&M): Apply to projects with an unclear scope and timeline or scope planned from time to time.

Our business is an IT firm with a core staff that has more than 12 years of industry experience. Heatmob is therefore constantly pleased of its ability to offer consumers the greatest products.

We provide IT solutions for your business:
1. Blockchain Consulting.
2. Custom Software Development.
3. Mobile Development.
4. End-to-End Web Development.
5. Game Development.
6. GIS Solutions & Services.

No, we always support using internal human resources to complete projects.

You can directly contact the PM or contact the company via:
📞 Phone: 0905-568-636
✉️ Email: Contact@heatmob.net

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