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Fixed price

  • Fixed budget, timeline, and scope of work for delivering a project with a known scope.
  • Both sides mutually agree on the list of the scope of works/ features to be developed/ deliverables before starting a project.
  • Should there be other features that occur during its implementation, there will be an additional charge for this.


  • Fixed costs: Estimate costs easily with a fixed-price contract.
  • Predictability: Simplifies project management for all parties to a fixed-price agreement.
  • Easy monitoring: Easily monitor the work process.


  • Not flexible: It’s hard to adjust a fixed-price contract to the new requirements.
  • Long planning process: Planning takes much time for it to be discussed in detail.
  • Risk of overpayment: Clients can pay more than the product actually costs if necessary.
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Time and
materials (T&M)

  • Quotation will be based on a fixed rate per hour, per resource, and a client is billed on a monthly basis, regardless of any scope/ function that needs to be fully completed.
  • This method is applied to projects with an unclear scope and timeline or scope planned from time to time.


  • Flexibility: New ideas can be easily incorporated at any time.
  • Relevant solution: The client gets the relevant product highly tailored to its current business needs.
  • No risk of the wrong estimation: Easily manage the risk of the project to lead to the most effective product.
  • Quick start: Start developing the project right away without having to prepare materials.


  • Unfixed budget: The final cost of a project cannot be determined in advance.
  • Uncertain deadlines: Impossible to predict the exact release date if the scope of work is changed.
  • Proactive client involvement: The client must be involved all the time to contribute important ideas.
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Project management methodology

Your project’s development will be accelerated, and our trained professionals will improve its results using Agile methodologies. With the Agile approach, there will always be efficient procedures that are suited to your goals, timetable, and financial constraints.

Our organization uses the agile methodology for project management.

  • Depending on the size and scope of the project, a working team of 3 to 10 people: designer, UX/ UI, QC/tester, BE…
  • Agile methodology – Establish weekly or biweekly goals (weekly report will be sent). Reviews and feedback on developed features on a monthly basis and plan for the next feature to be completed in the next month.
  • To ensure the project is on track and to confirm the client’s needs, schedule a demo each month to see which portion of the project can be approved to go live, which needs to be amended,…

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