6 Stages for Software Development Procedure You Need to Know

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the entire process of building a product that meets user specifications and requirements. It is segregated into 6 various steps. Let’s explore this exciting process with Heatmob!

Needs identification: Before building software, the company needs to do extensive market research to determine the viability of the product.

⭐ Requirements Analytics: This is the stage of carrying out a detailed survey of the customer’s requirements and desires.

⭐ Design: Engineers will discuss: Level of risk, team composition, technology applied, timeline, budget, project limitations, methodology, and architectural design.

⭐ Development: In this stage, engineers will program and implement design specifications. They will code in accordance with the requirements and product specifications established in the previous stages.

⭐ Testing: The tester will receive the product and perform testing after the developers have finished the programming phase. The tester will notify the developers of the bug and update the management tool with the test findings.

⭐ Deployment & Maintenance: The software developer will provide the finished product to the client once the bug has been fixed.

At Heatmob, engineers follow the process to create quality products with the highest efficiency. Follow Heatmob to learn more interesting things about software developers.

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