Nguyen Nhat Huy

Game Design Leader


Experience: 20+ Years


Quote: “Gaming brings people together”

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Profound education:

Bachelor of HCM-University Of Science.

Personal Experience:

  • Asiasoft Game Planning of Hiep Khach Giang Ho, Tam Quoc Chi Game.
    FPT Software Software QC.
  • FPT Software Software QC.
  • VNG QC Leader, Game Designer
  • Game Design Leader, Project Manager of Thuan Thien Kiem, Un In, Hang Rong Game.
  • Co Non-Studio Game Designer & Project Manager of Nam De, Nam De 2, and Nam De 3 Mobile Games.

Professional Skills:

  • Game system design.
  • Game balancing.
  • Strategy Game Designing.
  • Teamwork.
  • Operating games.
  • Project management.

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